Our daycare activities are designed to encourage problem solving, highly rienforce good behaviors and of course give your dog a fun and playful time!

    Daycare involves indor and outdoor play, mental stimulation games, group activities, 1 hr decompression times with stuffed kongs for enrichment, walks, and mini group training on basic obedience!

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    Because we are primarily a training facility, our daycare is offered on three days!


    daycare availability.

    Each daycare day has a scheduled activity to keep your pup entertained and happy!

    Our daycare is consitent and structured to prevent any bad behaviors from developing while your pup is enjoying their day! Our staff will correct any jumping, door rushing, mounting and bad play manners (such as nipping, or bullying)


    Our daycare is fun but not lazy. Staff will ask your pup to sit at doorways before going outside or on walks, obedience refreshers will sharpen commands Sit, Down, Come, and leash manners!

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    If you are interested in Daycare, We offer a free play assessment to ensure that your pup is comfortable and safe in daycare groups!

    To schedule this assessment, please call or text us at (682)233-1461

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    Our prices are based off a bundle of days. The days you purchase do not expire and do not have to be used by a certain timeframe!


    Individual day - $30.00

    5 Day package - $130.00

    10 Day package - $230.00

    15 Day Package - $330.00


    Please be sure that your dog is current on vaccinations!

    We do require:




    Your dog(s) must be spayed/ neutured to participate if over 1yr old. If your pup is under a year old and not spayed/neutured thay will be able to play, but not with the opposite sex.


    Multiple dog household ---

    Two dog households coming to daycare gets 10% off your toal cost!

    Three or more dog households coming to daycare get 15% off your total cost!