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    We're honored to be named Ft. Worth's best pet trainers!

    We love what we do, and you love us! Thank you for voting for Night and Day K9 Training as the #1 pet training center in Fort Worth.


    I would highly recommend using Night and Day. We sent our 5 month old Brittany to Night and Day for their "advanced obedience on & off leash board and train" program. He was a very hyper puppy and difficult to control but after spending a few weeks of personalized time with a trainer he returned home very well behaved and listens to commands significantly better than before. I know feel comfortable bringing him to the park, roaming in our front yard, etc. off leash and trusting he will listen to me when necessary.


    - Matt S.






    Definitely helped us understand our puppy so much more than I feel like we could have. He learned so much stuff in a few lessons! Would highly recommend him!

    - Arianna Marie R.


    We LOVE night and day k9 training. We adopted two pit bull puppies and immediately started looking for where we could train them. We settled on Night and Day and are so glad we did. Merenda came to train them as 8 week puppies and has continued to train them as they grow. The difference in them and us has been life changing. They know to sit when our cats walk by, to walk calmly outside and how to go on place when it's time to settle down. Adopting two puppies was a lot more than we anticipated but thanks to Night and Day we can enjoy our babes instead of stressing over how to reign them in each day. This truly changed our (and their) lives. Our dogs are our babies so we wanted the very best training for them, and we found it with Night and Day K9. You will not regret calling them to train your dogs.


    - Anna C.



    Night & Day K9 Training has been amazing. We recently adopted a Border Collie mix that was showing signs of food/possession aggression and decided to go with Night & Day. Meranda has been an amazing trainer by focusing on addressing the root issue while taking the time to not only train our dog, but teach us as well. After a few weeks, the results started to show and we couldn't have been more pleased. Overall, Night and Day has been a great experience for us and would recommend them to anyone for both training and boarding.


    - Caitlin S.


  • Loui

     Kennel anxiety Before and After- Loui was not a fan of confinement, but he destroyed so much when unsupervised. Comfort in the kennel is an amazing achievement!


    Roscoe was your typical pointer! fun and energetic. Although at times, he could be extremely impulsive and too distracted to handle outside/ public environments.

    His training was focused on his owners goals. What an amazing turn out for this boy!


    If you are looking for an awesome dog trainer that obviously cares about your dog, you can't go wrong with Night and Day K9 Training. Meranda is punctual and professional. They make the training positive and fun for the dogs. They understand that dog training is not a one size fits all. Your dog's training is specific to your dog's needs.


    - Dona J.





    Our puppy girls loved their trainer Meranda, as did my husband and I! She was so patient, kind, and VERY informational! I will be definitely be recommending them to everybody we know!


    - Alicia R.

    We are extremely happy with Meranda and her team of trainers. Prior to training our 2 dogs, a golden retriever and a border collie mix, were overly hyper in the house, hard to walk on a leash, and just all around needed training. What a difference now! We can easily walk them on a leash and they are so well mannered. Highly recommend Night and Day K9!

    - Alicia C.


    I highly recommend Night and Day k9 Training for your pup. They completely turned our Luna around. She was so hyper and did not listen until training. She truly is a new dog. They kept us up to date with her training and sent pictures throughout the extent of her stay. We are so thankful for Night and Day k9 Training!

    - Monica N.


    Meeko- Reactivity case

    We met meeko and his mom at a Bark in the park event. His reactivity towards almost everything was intense and the owner had to pull me away from the crowd to speak. Within 6 weekly sessions, we were able to take meeko out to very busy events with every distraction we could think of. His behavior was litereally a Night and Day difference!

    Meeko has graduated from training, but he and his mom continue to work with us during the free monthly group walks.


    Millie - Perfect Dog B&T

    Millie was an amazing student. She was in for perfect dog, and had done an amazing job out in public and around new distractions.


    Meranda is awesome. When I first talked to her about training, I mentioned that my dog Tater was broken. She had confidence she could help. I had my doubts. Man, did she prove me wrong. My dog is no longer broken! Thank you Meranda, you're a life saver.

    - Wayne J.




    [Night and Day K9] treated my Boxer and Anatolian Shepherd as if they were their own! I highly recommend them!


    - Benjamin J.




    I have sent many of my friends and family to Night and Day K9 Training and everyone has left with a smile on there face. I've personally used them a couple times. All 3 of my pits went in for perfect dog and I honestly don't think I would have been as happy if I took them anywhere else. Thank you for the outstanding job you did with my babies once again!


    - Jessica H.



    Night and Day K9 Training was the best choice we have made for our dog Boscoe. Meranda was our trainer and Boscoe loves her to this day! We still leave him in her trusted hands when we go on vacation with no worries in the world! We have had family and friends use night and day with the same results and we will use them anytime in the future we add a new furry member to our family. Truly a great company with great trainers!!


    - Heather L.


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