• Monthly Group Walks

    Our walks are inviting to you and your dog, no matter what level of training you have!

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    Our next walk will be March 24th at the Truckyard for patio dinner scenarios.


    You’ll need to bring a treat pouch with high value treats, a 6ft leash, and any training tools you use.

    Main focus will be manners/ neutrality around people in public, down stays in new environments, and distractions around food and friends!


    Bring the family, or a friend! 🫶🏼😊

    🐶 Please be respectful of everyone's space, as not every dog wants to meet others. Keeping a 4-5 foot distance from dogs you don't know will help all dogs enjoy this event! Children will be expected to respect other dogs space and boundaries. 🐶


    And please always RSVP so we know to expect you!

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    If you are new to our group walks, please reach out to Meranda (682)233-1461 *text*

    So that we know to expect you and can introduce ourselves before starting the event!

    The mission here is to provide some help to all dog owners seeking it.