• Monthly Group Walks

    Our walks are inviting to you and your dog, no matter what level of training you have!

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    June’s group walk details! 🐾🐾

    Prior to the walk- we will be teaching the difference between a “keep going”marker, and a release cue- along with the common mistakes dog owners can make while using markers.

    And proper equipment placement, why they are placed specifically and what can go wrong with badly fit training tools. 😬


    This walk is perfect for owners who desire to improve their own knowledge and handling skills!


    Please bring your leash walking tools, a treat pouch with yummy treats, and a typical 6ft leash.


    This group walk is welcoming to all dogs no matter your level of training, and a safe space for the dogs who do not desire interaction from strangers.

    Please respect everyone’s personal bubble 🙂

    As always, we need you to RSVP by texting (682)233-1461 so we know who to expect.

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    If you are new to our group walks, please reach out to Meranda (682)233-1461 *text*

    So that we know to expect you and can introduce ourselves before starting the event!

    The mission here is to provide some help to all dog owners seeking it.