• Meet The Trainers

    Our professional trainers are knowledgable, experienced, and truly care about your dog's physical and mental health. Each trainer works hard to help you reach your goals and get the results you're paying for.       



    I've been training dogs sice I was 15 and became a certified traininer at 18.

    I shadowed under 2 service dog trainers, and continue my education through dog training seminars.

    My favorite breed is a Belgian Malinois and Chow Chows.

    • Animal Behavior College Certified
    • E collar Certified
    • Puppy Training Certified



    I’ve done dog training with N&DK9 as a client, and found a passion for it. Meranda has taken me on as an apprentice and shown me the true understanding of dog behavior.

    I love working with the tougher cases, because the challenge is never the same and the rewards are much greater in the end!

    My favorite breed is a GSD




    I've been involved with animals since I was a child. I'm shadowing and working board and trains before taking on private sessions. My goal is to understand and rehabilitate aggressive dogs, to prevent hard decisions on families dealing with aggressive dog situations. 


    Kennel Technician

    My main responsibilities are to let the pups out in their according play groups, feedings, and keeping the facility and kennels sanitized. I do get to participate in training when needed, and I do have some basic training under my belt to enforce the structure Night and Day K9 provides to the dogs staying with us, such as loose leash walking to the door and sitting before they go outside to play.

    My favorite dogs are mutts and heelers!



    I'll be helping you get in tough with our trainers, along will collecting payments and answering phones/emails.

  • About Night and Day K9 Training


    Night and Day K9 provides assistance and education to owners who are seeking Obedience Training, Behavior Modification and Competitive Training for their canine companions.

    Our programs are structured in such a way that every dog can adapt to them, and we will adjust our training sessions according to your availability, lifestyle, and behavioral goals.

    Because each situation is different and every dog is unique, our trainers are equipped with a variety of methods and tools to help you find the most effective solution for your family. Let us assess your situation. Even if it seems like a common problem, there may be something missing. We will discover it and help you overcome your training obstacles.


    Your dog is your family and you shouldn't trust their training and education to just anyone. We treat each dog as though they are our own and our entire staff takes great pride in each achievement! Your success is our success, and we are only satisfied when you are. Our standard of excellence is what makes us Fort Worth's premier dog trainers!


    We offer a variety of training programs including Puppy Management, Behavior Modification, Obedience Training, Off-Leash and Distraction Training. We have specific trainers for each kind of situation and we'll make sure your training foundation is strong so you and your dog will enjoy the results for life.



    Explore our Facebook and Instagram page to learn more about our specialized approach training at Night and Day K9. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! Our specialized trainers are here to answer your questions and find solutions specific to your goals.

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