• Monthly Group Walks

    Our walks are inviting to you and your dog, no matter what level of training you have!

    This is a Training pack walk. Please do not pet a dog without permission, and do not allow dogs to meet on leash at this event. This group walk is a safe space for all dogs and people looking to improve their dog's behavior or handling skills. We advocate for the animal on our walk.



    High value treats and a treat pouch.

    A 6-10 foot leash

    Training equipment (We are a balanced training group and welcome any training tools)


    Please RSVP by May 19th. Text Meranda at (682)233-1461

    If you are new to our group walks, please reach out to Meranda (682)233-1461 *text*

    So that we know to expect you and can introduce ourselves before starting the event!

    The mission here is to provide some help to all dog owners seeking it.